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         PRODUCT : New Steel Disc Cutter 9 Assorted Shapes Jewellery Designs Pattern Various Forms  
    Name  : New Steel Disc Cutter 9 Assorted Shapes Jewellery Designs Pattern Various Forms
    Art# : ORB-JT-2926  
    Size :   
    Product Detail
    New Disc Cutter 9 Assorted Shapes Brand new unused professional quality product.A Multi Shaped Assorted 9 shape Disc Cutter is the perfect tool to cut perfect shapes every time.A valuable Jewelry Making tool, used to produce popular shapes of metal Discs, easily and with a clean-cut.This versatile disc cutter features 9 punches, in different sizes and shapes.  Allows for the possibility of creating a wide range of Jewelry items.Nine Shape Disc Cutter Tool is very well made, a precision tool machined and honed, case-hardened tool steel. The cutting of the metal is done by simply sliding the metal under the desired shape/slot and punching out the discs.  Best for use with a maximum of 18 gauge metal, punches have a sharp cutting edge end and a beveled end for striking with a hammer.We recommend the Tool to be used for cutting of non-ferrous metals of up to 18-gauge.Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass it may well be used for other metals as Tin Steel Sheet but with lighter gauges.For best results use a cutting oil when punching discs, annealing the metal will extend the cutting edges of the punches.Made of High Grade Carbon Tool Steel and Tempered.Disc Cutter Measures:  3″ Square.Punches Lengths:  1-1/2″ Approx.Weight:   2.5 Lbs – 1.2 Kg.PLEASE NOTE: All sizes are approximate and will have 1 mm (+/-) tolerance.
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